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The Hokies faced Rutgers’ Scarlet Knights in the Russell Athletic Bowl on December 28. I was lucky enough to cover the game from the sidelines for VTTV. It was an amazing experience. The Bowl started with parachuters from military planes carrying in the flags. The Hokies also flew a special flag during the game in memory of the Sandy Hook shooting. The flag is partially orange to represent the 32 victims of the April 16th shooting and partly green to represent the 26 Sandy Hook victims. The flag was signed by players and coaches and sent to the town of Sandy Hook after the game. Both Coach Beamer and players took time in the press conference to express their sorrow and support for the families of the victims. 

If only the game had been as pretty as the pictures. But, a win is a win.

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    Best school in the world! Proud to have graduated from such an amazing place
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    If only the game had been as pretty as the pictures. But, a win is a win.
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