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It’s been two weeks since Virginia Tech’s football season ended with a 13-10 overtime win against Rutgers. In the 14 days since, rumors have been swirling about coaching changes on the offensive side of the ball, but so far, no news.

Earlier this week, two defensive stalwarts on Bud Foster’s vaunted defense opted to return for their senior seasons and forgo their NFL aspirations. Safety-turned-cornerback Antone Exum and defensive end James Gayle bothannounced via their Twitter feeds that they would be back for one more run.

That left redshirt senior quarterback Logan Thomas as the lone holdout. Thomas, who set Virginia Tech’s single season record for offense by a quarterback two seasons in a row, has until Tuesday, Jan. 15, to withdraw his name from the NFL draft.

David Teel of the Daily Press reported that Virginia Tech head coach Frank Beamer is likely keeping Thomas abreast of the ongoing search for a new offensive coordinator, presumably in the hopes of finding one that will bring Thomas back for his senior season.

Keep in mind that no coaching changes (i.e. firings) have been officially announced, therefor no positions are officially available. Frank Beamer, his staff, and the university’s athletics department have been completely silent on the issue. So everything that is taking place resides in the realm of whispers, rumors, and “sources.”

The big question on most fans’ minds is, “Is Logan Thomas ready for the NFL?” Based on the responses on various Facebook fan pages and Twitter, they don’t believe he is because of his subpar season in 2012 - a season in which he put up more offense than he did in 2011.

The answer is no, he’s not ready for the NFL. So, why would he consider leaving? Well, for starters, he’s already earned his degree at Tech.

This year’s draft class is devoid of any sure-fire NFL caliber quarterbacks and despite a sub par year, Thomas is still considered an early round pick. NFL teams aren’t stupid. They invest a lot of time and money into researching draft picks. Some do a better job than others, but no NFL team is going to draft Thomas with the illusion he’ll be ready to start as a rookie. Any team that drafts him will do so in the hopes of developing him into an eventual starter three or four seasons into his career.

Thomas has all of the physical attributes NFL teams want in a QB. He’s tall (6-6) and he’s build like a truck (260 pounds). He has a strong arm and has shown that he can throw accurately, even though his passing efficiency was down in 2012.

Whether or not Thomas decided to go pro, he’s going to have a new offensive coordinator in 2013. So why wouldn’t you take the NFL money, achieve your dream, and learn from a coordinator and coaching staff that will prepare you for the NFL rather than take your chances on a brand new staff at Tech that will only coach you for one season?

If Thomas chooses to go to the NFL, it shouldn’t come as a surprise, nor should they blame him. He’s earned his degree and if he’s likely to be drafted before the fourth round, he’ll probably go. If he stays, he has to deal with a new offensive coaching staff and risk injury. Would you take that chance?

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