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Bud and his boys are ready for game day. Are you?

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Some of our favorite photos (that we took) from the last few seasons.

We know, Bud. We know.

I’m really kind of agitated about it, to be honest with you. Everybody is talking about us, but Michigan is ranked lower than we are. Nobody is saying crap about them when it’s all said and done. Instead of talking about how we’ve made it, and we’re an up-and-coming football program, a young, exciting team. Instead of talking about that, all they’re doing is bitching we got in the bowl game. There have been other years we probably deserved to go and we didn’t go. And so it just — it’s just agitating, it really is. It’s a shame for the kids. Here you’ve got people that half of them don’t even know what the hell they’re talking about, but that’s what it is. I’m agitated at all media personnel right now. It just pissed me off, to be honest with you. It just pissed me off. Excuse my language, but it did.

Virginia Tech Defensive Coordinator Bud Foster (Sugar Bowl: Virginia Tech Hokies out to prove they still belong | ESPN)

Make it count.

It really is irritating. Michigan is ranked lower than us in both the polls and the BCS and didn’t even play for its conference title, yet also received a BCS bid. People (specifically those complaining) need to remember that the BCS games aren’t about pairing the highest ranked team - it’s about pitting the two best draws that qualified for a BCS bowl game against one another and hope that the teams bring a lot of fans and their money to the respective city playing host to the bowl game.

(via briancolligan)

(via briancolligan)

Eat Fosters as part of a complete defensive breakfast.

A die-hard Virginia Tech Hokies fan sports a “Notorious B.U.D.” t-shirt at the Miami game on Saturday, Oct. 8, 2011.

Notorious B.U.D. Despite holding Clemson’s high-powered offense to a season low 323 yards total offense and 23 points, Tech’s defense couldn’t play both sides of the ball and the Hokies fell at home, 23-3. Regardless, Bud Foster’s defense showed that it is truly one of the best in the country, handling Clemson’s potent attack all night.

Lunch Pail Defense head gear, coming soon to Campus Emporium!

This is Bud Freaking Foster. Ergo, your argument is invalid.

Lunch Pail Hokie Kid