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Top five ACC student sections:

2. Virginia Tech: From the pregame “Enter Sandman” entrance to the end of the fourth quarter, the students stay loyal all the way. They’re the ones who have made Thursday nights in Blacksburg special. They’re the loudest for the “Let’s go! Hokies!” cheer, and one of the biggest reasons Virginia Tech has had such an overwhelming home-field advantage.


We’re no. 2!


ESPN 2012 College Football Images of the Year.

Virginia Tech makes the cut. Sort of. Skip to 1:33. Pretty much sums up the Hokies’ season.

The Hokies face No. 15 Oklahoma State on Saturday at the Cassell.

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ESPN has apparently fixed its voting system and it’s back on! Voting is open again and the Hokies are in 7th. Let’s change that!

For the first time ever, ESPN will film a College GameDay commercial on a university campus selected by fans. Beginning on today, April 23, college football fans across the country can participate in a social media promotion to have a College GameDay spot shot on their campus this summer.

Voting begins at NOON today. Vote every day, and forward to your friends!


Here’s a video from ESPN.  It talks about Brian Bluhm and Curtis Granderson.

Even though he plays for the Yankees, I really like Curtis Granderson. Such a cool story. Now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s raining on my eyes.

  • UVA fan: Look up our record against Penn State, Colin!
  • Cowherd: Who gives a flying can of worms? They've sucked for seven of the last eight years!
  • UVA fan: I'd rather be a softie from UVA than a redneck from Virginia Tech!
  • Cowherd: I wouldn't. I'd rather win football games and that's why you're not committed. They'd [Virginia Tech] rather win football games, you'd rather be sophisticated. Go like baseball, loser.

NC - LSU vs. Bama

Orange - LSU second team vs. Arkansas

Sugar - LSU water boys vs. Georgia

Fiesta - LSU’s grandparents vs. South Carolina

Rose - LSU vs. LSU

Despite the lopsided score when it mattered most, Virginia still exceeded expectations in the second season under coach Mike London. His team was picked by the media to finish fifth in the Coastal Division, and many outside the program scoffed at the possibility of a bowl game. The fact that Virginia even had a chance to play in the ACC championship game was one of the biggest surprises of the season, and London is convinced that the loss to Virginia Tech — as devastating as it might be to his players in the moment — doesn’t detract from their overall resume this season.

Hokies clinch; Hoos down but not out - ACC Blog - ESPN

This column is pure hilarity.

Mike London “exceeded expectations” because, after a 4-8 debut in his first “rebuilding” year, the Hoos’ head coach managed to piece together an 8-4 record in his second season. That included four wins by three points or less and the 38-0 beatdown at the hands of Virginia Tech, the Hoos’ first shutout at home since 1984.

Just to dish a little history, Al Groh went one better in his first “rebuilding” year, posting a 5-7 record. In his second season, the Cavs went 8-5 in the regular season, including a 21-9 pasting by the Hokies in Blacksburg.

At the time, folks like the esteemed columnist above claimed that Groh would be Virginia’s savior, leading them to college football’s promised land. In nine seasons at the helm of the UVa. football program, Groh posted a 59-53 record, 36-36 in conference, including one (1) win against Virginia Tech. He was fired after going 3-9 in 2009, a season capped by a 42-13 thrashing by Virginia Tech in Charlottesville.

Just a suggestion, but maybe folks need to calm the hell down about lauding Mike London at this point. Or, hey, do what you want. The Hokies are always at the end of the schedule, waiting to put the Hoos and whoever their head coach is in their proper place — second in the Commonwealth — year after year after year.

(via briancolligan)

(via briancolligan)



Okay, so last night I was scanning some work out of my sketch book into Photoshop and had the Miami (Ohio) vs. Ohio game on mostly for in-between-time watching.

Well, during halftime they mentioned some of the significant rivalry matches coming up this weekend so I stopped what I was doing to glance at the schedule they had up and the VT vs. UVA game wasn’t even listed.

I felt a bit jilted because #6 Stanford’s game was up there but not the #5 Hokies.

I consoled myself with the fact that maybe ESPN felt the VT / UVA game was not that significant because UVA isn’t a significant threat to VT’s standings. Which is basically how we all feel but now I really want the Hokies to not only walk away with the Commonwealth Cup, ACC Championship berth, and bragging rights…but to slap all they mamas too. ALL THEY MAMAS!

Well, you know, metaphorically speaking of course.

One of the the last times I remember an ESPN correspondent speaking poorly of the Hokies…his car got struck by lightning. Don’t forget that ESPN, we have peoples in high places.

Our peoples > your peoples.

LOAO! “All they mamas!” @blu3rsx win the Internet on Thanksgiving Eve!