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Happy 67th birthday Coach Beamer!



Frank Beamer is happy happy happy after the the win over Georgia Tech last night!!
I love this so much haha

This makes a Hokie happy!

We call this the Hillsville Hillbilly Stomp



Frank Beamer is happy happy happy after the the win over Georgia Tech last night!!

I love this so much haha

This makes a Hokie happy!

We call this the Hillsville Hillbilly Stomp

Attention Virginia Tech Hokie football fans!

Have you ever wanted to own a Frank Beamer-autographed football? Well here’s your chance! The Giles County Autism Focus Group will be auctioning a Virginia Tech gift basket that includes a football signed by non other than Frank Beamer.

The auction will take place at the group’s Autism Walk on Saturday May 4. Visit their Facebook page for more information.

The funds raised will be used to increase awareness about Autism and provide educational tools for local schools to use for children with Autism.

Virginia Tech head football coach Frank Beamer with Giles County Autism Focus Group member

Frank Beamer and the Virginia Tech Hokies do the Harlem Shake. Oh Frank, you dance like my dad.

Virginia Tech head football coach Frank Beamer officially announces new offensive coaching staff


Virginia Tech head football coach Frank Beamer is reportedly looking for a new offensive coordinator, offensive line coach and quarterbacks coach. It’s important to note that no coaching changes have been officially reported from the athletics department, but all the beat writers who cover the Hokies all seem to have the same “source.”

The Virginia Tech alum has coached his alma mater for the last 26 seasons and has more wins than any other active FBS college football coach in the game today. He is known for his loyalty to his assistants and conversely, his assistants’ loyalty to him. Turnover is almost unheard of at Virginia Tech.

But after another disappointing offensive season, it appears the long-time coach can no longer ignore the need for new blood and new ideas. The question is, who does he get? While we don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes, it’s already being reported that Tech was unable to lure Stanford OC Pep Hamilton to Blacksburg.

Even if they had, Hamilton is already garnering NFL interest, so how long would he stay in Blacksburg? And therein lies Frank Beamer’s dilemma. Finding a coach that won’t leave in two years. Finding a coach that will become part of the Hokie Nation and embrace the culture of family and loyalty Beamer has carefully crafted over the last quarter century.

But is that a realistic expectation in today’s coaching environment where one or two good seasons at a big program can launch a young coach into a head coaching job, or even an NFL gig? Most college and pro teams are so afraid to miss out on the next great young coach that they hire someone based on a very short resume. Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t, but teams are willing to take that chance it seems.

So who’s next on Beamer’s list? Mike Barber of theRichmond Times-Dispatch reported that a source has Chuck Long as the next man on Beamer’s radar. So far, that bit of news has left the Virginia Tech fan base slightly deflated based on social media posts and comments.

Long, who was the runner-up to Bo Jackson in the 1985 Heisman voting and is a member of the college football hall of fame, last coached in college in 2011 as the Kansas offensive coordinator. In two years as the offensive coordinator, the Jayhawks were 5-19.

In 2011, Kansas ranked 106th in total offense and 95th in scoring offense. In 2010, Kansas ranked 113th in total offense and 111th in scoring offense. Those offensive numbers are actually worse than Virginia Tech.

In 2001, after having served as quarterbacks coach at Oklahoma for college teammate Bob Stoops, Long was promoted to OU’s offensive coordinator position. The Sooners won the 2003 Rose Bowl (2002 season).

The following season, OU’s offense set a Big 12 conference record by averaging 51.5 points per game. The next season, Long was a finalist for the Frank Broyles Award, which honors the top assistant coach in college football.

During his four years as offensive coordinator for Oklahoma (2002-05), the Sooners were 44-9. In 2002, OU’s offense ranked 37th in total offense. In 2003, it improved to 19th. Long led the offense to an 8th place ranking in 2004, his third season, before dropping off to 71st in his final season as OC.

Long has also been a head coach, having spent three seasons at San Diego State (2006-2008) where he went 9-27 and lost to a I-AA team twice.

Everything is still a rumor at this point, but if the Hokies are hoping to keep quarterback Logan Thomas around for his final year, a decision will have to be made by Tuesday, Jan. 15, the deadline Thomas faces for withdrawing his name from the NFL draft.

EDITED: 1/11/13 - 12:00 p.m. to include Long’s record as offensive coordinator at Oklahoma.


It’s been two weeks since Virginia Tech’s football season ended with a 13-10 overtime win against Rutgers. In the 14 days since, rumors have been swirling about coaching changes on the offensive side of the ball, but so far, no news.

Earlier this week, two defensive stalwarts on Bud Foster’s vaunted defense opted to return for their senior seasons and forgo their NFL aspirations. Safety-turned-cornerback Antone Exum and defensive end James Gayle bothannounced via their Twitter feeds that they would be back for one more run.

That left redshirt senior quarterback Logan Thomas as the lone holdout. Thomas, who set Virginia Tech’s single season record for offense by a quarterback two seasons in a row, has until Tuesday, Jan. 15, to withdraw his name from the NFL draft.

David Teel of the Daily Press reported that Virginia Tech head coach Frank Beamer is likely keeping Thomas abreast of the ongoing search for a new offensive coordinator, presumably in the hopes of finding one that will bring Thomas back for his senior season.

Keep in mind that no coaching changes (i.e. firings) have been officially announced, therefor no positions are officially available. Frank Beamer, his staff, and the university’s athletics department have been completely silent on the issue. So everything that is taking place resides in the realm of whispers, rumors, and “sources.”

The big question on most fans’ minds is, “Is Logan Thomas ready for the NFL?” Based on the responses on various Facebook fan pages and Twitter, they don’t believe he is because of his subpar season in 2012 - a season in which he put up more offense than he did in 2011.

The answer is no, he’s not ready for the NFL. So, why would he consider leaving? Well, for starters, he’s already earned his degree at Tech.

This year’s draft class is devoid of any sure-fire NFL caliber quarterbacks and despite a sub par year, Thomas is still considered an early round pick. NFL teams aren’t stupid. They invest a lot of time and money into researching draft picks. Some do a better job than others, but no NFL team is going to draft Thomas with the illusion he’ll be ready to start as a rookie. Any team that drafts him will do so in the hopes of developing him into an eventual starter three or four seasons into his career.

Thomas has all of the physical attributes NFL teams want in a QB. He’s tall (6-6) and he’s build like a truck (260 pounds). He has a strong arm and has shown that he can throw accurately, even though his passing efficiency was down in 2012.

Whether or not Thomas decided to go pro, he’s going to have a new offensive coordinator in 2013. So why wouldn’t you take the NFL money, achieve your dream, and learn from a coordinator and coaching staff that will prepare you for the NFL rather than take your chances on a brand new staff at Tech that will only coach you for one season?

If Thomas chooses to go to the NFL, it shouldn’t come as a surprise, nor should they blame him. He’s earned his degree and if he’s likely to be drafted before the fourth round, he’ll probably go. If he stays, he has to deal with a new offensive coaching staff and risk injury. Would you take that chance?

(Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)

Blacksburg, VA — The Atlantic Coast Conference announced its 2012 All-ACC football teams and for the first time since Virginia Tech joined the ACC, no Hokies made the first or second team offense.

Three Virginia Tech defensive players — DE James Gayle, CB Antone Exum, and LB Jack Tyler — made the ACC’s second team defense. It’s the second straight year in which the Hokies have not landed a defensive player on the first team after having done so from 2004 to 2010.

Since joining the ACC in 2004 (eight seasons), the Hokies have landed 28 players on either the first or second team offense. That’s an average of 3.5 per season. Here’s the breakdown season-by-season:


1st - David Wilson
1st - Blake DeChristopher
2nd - Logan Thomas
2nd - Jaymes Brooks

1st - Tyrod Taylor
1st - Chris Hazley
2nd - Blake DeChristopher
2nd - Jaymes Brooks
2nd - David Wilson

1st - Ryan Williams
1st - Matt Waldron
2nd - Greg Boone
2nd - Ed Wang
2nd - Sergio Render

2nd - Darren Evans
2nd - Sergio Render

2nd - Duane Brown

1st - Brandon Ore
2nd - Duane Brown
2nd - Brandon Pace

1st - Marcus Vick
1st - Jason Murphy
1st - Will Montgomery
2nd - Jeff King
2nd - Jimmy Martin

1st - Bryan Randall
2nd - Jeff King
2nd - Jon Dunn

The Hokies’ streak of 10-win seasons ended this year, though with Tech’s 17-14 win over Virginia on Saturday, head coach Frank Beamer kept alive his streak of 20 straight bowl appearances.

The Virginia Tech football program is mired in its worst season in nearly two decades. At 4-6, the struggling Hokies must win their last two games to become bowl eligible and extend Frank Beamer’s streak to 20 straight bowl appearances.

Tech is coming off their third straight loss and have lost five of their last six games. They’ll need to beat Boston College (1-5, 2-8) on Saturday in Chestnut Hill. If the Hokies can pull off that win, they’ll return home on Nov. 24 to face a UVA team that has won two ACC games in a row.

If they manage to win their last two games, the Hokies will finish the regular season at 6-6 and will be bowl eligible. With that in mind, Beamer met with the press today to talk about a range of topics from wide receiver blocking, or lack thereof, and red zone offensive zoes, to who will take Michael Cole’s place in the secondary.

The first question asked of Beamer was about an unflattering video posted of wide receiver Marcus Davis’ blocking during the FSU game.

Question: Frank, did you see the video that was posted yesterday of Marcus Davis blocking, I guess not blocking, against Florida State, that kinda drew some headlines nationally? What was your reaction to it? Did you talk to him about it? What were your thoughts on it?

Beamer: I think each and every week you evaluate people on their performance, the consistency of their performance. And I can tell you that’s the way it’s always been in our program, and the people who gives us the consistency in their performance, that’s who’s going to be on the field.

Beamer on Logan Thomas:
Well I think we gotta continue to improve around him. I’ve said it a bunch of times, but consistency around him would help Logan. And that, to me, you know, I mean he’s had some throws that he’d like to have back, a couple of decisions he’d like to have back, but anybody that’s played the game would have that.

Beamer on the last three losses:
I think in the last three losses to Clemson, Miami and Florida State we’ve average 404 yards and the other teams have averaged like 317 or 318, but it just goes back to turnovers and consistent play. I think we’ve gotten better, but we’re not where we need to be.

Beamer on Saturday’s opponent, Boston College and it’s defense:
They’re extremely well coached. They’ve got tough guys. Like you said, they keep everything in front of them and they’ll give you a few yards, but it’s hard getting big yards.

Beamer on Spaziani’s future at BC:
Well I’m worried about Virginia Tech. We need to play better and more consistent. Coach Spaziani, I wouldn’t want to comment about his situation other than I think he’s a good coach, good person, like him a lot and that’s the way I feel about him.

Beamer on team’s motivation level:
I think we gotta have a great week of practice. We talked about it as a coaching staff; we talked about it as a team; and as we’ve had disappointment, that’s life. We gotta come back and how you come back from disappointment tells you a lot about who you are and that’s where we are. I don’t like the disappointments we’ve had, but I’d feel great about this team, I’d feel really good about this team, if we can come back and get to a bowl. I think it says something when you’ve had disappointment and you haven’t been as successful as you’d like to be, to not give in and keep fighting and keep getting’ after it and I think that’s what we plan on as a football team… got to.

Beamer on BC’s struggling running game:
Well they’ve had a couple of running backs who’ve been hurt and I think they moved a guy in there last week that’d been playing on defense. I think it kinda gets back to personnel. I do think they had a couple of good runs against Notre Dame and I think they can throw the ball around. They’ve got a couple of receivers with a lot of catches and I think the QB’s improved in his throwing. What I’m concerned about right now is that Virginia Tech plays and we function and we play with some consistency.

Beamer on the Hokies’ struggling red zone offense (2 for last 8):
I think you go back to the last one against Florida State and if we get alignment blocking on the third down play, and there’s no reason he shouldn’t and I think we probably go in the end zone and didn’t really want to go in the end zone, just wanted to get a first down and then take some time off the clock, but I think probably go in the end zone. To me it’s execution and that’s the name of the game.

You know, we drop a pass down at Miami in the end zone. If we catch that pass, it’s a touchdown, so again, I think it’s execution.

Beamer on team needing motivation, playing for Michael Cole:
As you could see on the field, there was a lot of care and concern for Michael from our football team. A great, great kid and great effort and this program means a lot to him and all those things.

Desmond Frye, we’re going to get him in there and get him going. He’s been pretty good, been very good, really, on special teams. He’s got a lot of ability, so I expect he’s going to get some playing time.

Beamer on importance of WR blocking:
Well, there’s no question, if you can get it started then your wide receiver blocking is critical for the long play. If you’ve got a five-yard gain, it can turn into a 25-yard gain, so there’s no question about the importance of your wide receivers blocking.

Beamer on clock management at the end of the FSU game:
Initially, you just want to keep the rhythm going. I thought we had them on the run and things are going good and if we could’ve picked up that first down and we call a time out with one second on the third down play, and I wanted to do that and then was talking to Mike (O’Cain) and it ended up Logan did that, which took some time off. And then if we could’ve gotten the first down then I think you take off as much as you can take off. If you can get the clock down and even kick a field goal, you’d be in good shape.

TheACC.com’s Virginia Tech preview. Watch at least the first 30 seconds of this video (after the commercial). You’ll be glad you did. Here’s a hint: 4th and 1 from the Miami 19 yard line.