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Since Tumblr is being difficult and not showing questions in our messages box, we did a screen cap for this one.

Jennifer wants to know why there are no rows I, O, II, OO, etc. in Lane Stadium.

We checked with @vthokie, who confirmed our theory that people confuse the letters I and O with ones and zeros, so they skip those letters when labeling the rows.

And now you know. Of course some of you probably never noticed, but will make it a point to stop and look the next time you’re climbing those steps.

Panoramic from the field.

"…for those to come."


Lane Stadium

A beautiful site. Though, they need to paint the field.

Some photos from yesterday’s spring practice. Couldn’t have asked for better weather.


Client meeting at Lane Stadium this morning.

Our next meeting at this building takes place in April and we’re inviting 66,000 of our closest friends.


Nothing beats Lane Stadium.

Close. Nothing beats a win at Lane Stadium!

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I took the boys camping this weekend with Scouts. When I came home, my wife had put up my Lane Stadium fathead on my office wall. Now I can spend some time every day with 66,000 of my closest friends. Thanks Nell.

Your wife’s a keeper.


Thompson field with Lane Stadium in the background. #virginiatech #vt #snow #hokies

Nice shot of Thompson Field at Virginia Tech with Lane Stadium in the background.

My view of the game last night. It was a tough loss, but proud of how the team came together and played their hearts out. Anyone that says this team didn’t have any heart last night doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

I was on the sideline and the attitude and energy were unlike anything I’ve felt this season. These guys had a huge chip on their collective shoulder and gave Florida State all they could handle and then some.

Click here, or on the photo above to find out why Hokie fans and coaches should feel better about the last two games of the 2012 regular season.