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Earlier tonight Virginia Tech defeated Duke 3-0 to advance to the Final Four (known as the College Cup) of the NCAA Tournament. I’ve been to a few exciting women’s soccer games in the past (a couple of their home wins over highly ranked UNC and previous games this tournament), but this one was by far the greatest and probably ranks top-5 of all the Virginia Tech sporting events I have either photographed or attended. The first half was a back and forth battle before Virginia Tech found the net on a header by Katie Yensen with 13 seconds left before halftime. Her goal completely changed the momentum of the game and the Hokies absolutely dominated the second half adding two more goals and surrendering few real chances for Duke. The Hokies advance to play Florida State in a rematch of the ACC Tournament title game. I’ll definitely add some more photos from this game soon, but wanted to go ahead and get this up because I’d like to start getting this more current.

In case you missed it, the Virginia Tech women’s soccer team advanced to the Final Four for the first time in school history.


Jarrel Eddie had a great game tonight scoring 11 points and nabbing 7 rebounds

By this season’s standards, Eddie had an “off” night, but still played really well and it speaks volumes for the team that the bench stepped it up. Great win for the Hokies last night. We’re getting closer and closer to a Bear Fight!


My Virginia Tech wall/room.

I didn’t know what to do with this empty space in my new apartment, so this is what happened. A lot of hard work and time went into this, not going to lie…I even busted out the measuring tape to make sure everything was perfect.

Maroon and orange lawn chairs, Logan Thomas jersey, Tyrod Taylor jersey, Ryan Williams jersey, signed Tyrod jersey framed, foam finger from my last home game in Lane Stadium, DIY Hokies sign, photos with Tyrod, Ryan Williams, and Bud Foster.

Nicely done!

STATE COLLEGE, PA - JULY 21: Annabelle Johns, Maya Mondock, Marissa Mondock, Julia Neumann and Tara Mondock, members of a Girl Scout Troop based in Port Matilda, Pennsylvania pose for a photo with the statue of former Penn State University football coach Joe Paterno stands outside Beaver Stadium July 21, 2012 in State College, Pennsylvania. Penn State’s president Rodney Erickson is expected to make a decision on whether or not to remove the statue in the wake of the child sex scandal of former assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky. It’s believed that Paterno had detailed knowledge of Jerry Sandusky sexually abusing children before and after Sandusky retired from coaching at Penn State. (Photo by Jeff Swensen/Getty Images)

This is a disturbing picture in my opinion. This man was involved in the cover up a child molester for more than a decade. However small or large his role was is not relevant. He knew about it and did nothing to stop it.

For this woman to take these young girls to have their photo taken with Joe Paterno’s statue is baffling. Do these Girl Scouts even know what this man did? Did they know why officials at Penn State eventually removed the statue?

This man did a lot of good in his life, make no mistake, but in my eyes, all of that is negated by his involvement with the cover up of Jerry Sandusky’s systematic sexual abuse of young boys for more than a decade. He and his legacy have lost the right to be a role model. And I would have serious reservations about the moral standing of anyone who still sees him as a role model.

From The Roanoke Times

The NCAA released its Graduation Success Rate data Tuesday, and Virginia Tech trumped Virginia in football and men’s basketball.

For Tech football, 79 percent of scholarship freshmen entering school from 2001-04 graduated within six years, compared with Virginia’s 68 percent.

In men’s basketball, Tech was at 86 percent compared with UVa’s 50 percent. Unlike federal graduation rates, the NCAA’s GSR formula does not count against a school’s rate when an athlete in good academic standing transfers elsewhere.

UVa’s other teams ranged from 64 percent (men’s soccer) to 100 percent.

Oh no U didn’t! Oh yes U did!


My uncle had me design this shirt. He’s a NC State alum.

The raw fan in me can’t help but snicker at what UNC is going through. I am a very competitive person when it comes to sports, so to see a rival go down gives me a certain degree of satisfaction. However, as a realist and having covered sports for two decades, nothing surprises me any more, which is why I won’t let myself jump on this “UNC Cheaters” bandwagon, because at some point, and it’s only a matter of time, Virginia Tech will likely have a player or two that crosses a line and gets the program in trouble. I don’t believe Frank Beamer would ever put the program at risk knowingly, but when agents start flashing cash around NFL prospects, there’s always a risk.

Dear NCAA,

Thank you for handing down penalties that only adversely affect the players who did things the right way. This reeks of an organization desperate to prove that it has some sort of control over its member institutions despite lacking the ability and firepower to police the serious offenders and protect the student-athletes whose interests you purport to have at heart.

While I realize that all violations merit some kind of punishment, I have a hard time grasping the notion that one of the proudest moments in my life (and the lives of every other individual that was a part of the team and program in 2009) is apparently worth $312 in your eyes. If that truly is the case, I’d be happy to provide you with that same amount of money (cash or check, your choice) in exchange for the reinstatement of the title my teammates and I earned through our blood, sweat and tears.

It took months of hard work, dedication and personal sacrifice by a team of over 100 players, 10 coaches and countless staff members to achieve that championship, but, evidently, it only takes the handful of pencil pushers, lawyers and professors on your infractions committee to strip us of it.

I was a part of the 2009 ACC Championship team and, while you can pretend retroactively that it didn’t happen, I have vivid memories of an incredible season that was, and continues to be, one of the most fun, meaningful, important, and very real times in my 23 years on this planet. I’ll be wearing my championship ring with pride and if you want that too, you’ll have to pry it from my cold, dead finger.


Sean Bedford

Former Georgia Tech center Sean Bedford on the Yellow Jackets’ recently vacated 2009 ACC title (from Ex-Jacket Lashes Out at NCAA: “Pry It from my Cold, Dead Finger” - CollegeFootballTalk - NBCSports.com)

Love this.

I really appreciate the university and the NCAA keeping this case so hush-hush. I’m 1000% over NCAA allegations and sanctions and other unsavory business at this point, so as someone pointed out over the weekend, good for them for keeping it quiet and under control until the investigations and rulings were complete.

I also love everything Bedford said here; violations or not, he’s right on when he says that everything that season meant to the team, and everything they accomplished, can’t ever really be taken away.

(via sportsinstilettos)

We love a good rivalry and sometimes we revel in other teams’ misfortunes (especially in the SEC or Big “10”). But when those teams come from our conference, which already struggles for respect (mainly because we can’t beat anyone on the big stage when it counts) and relevance, we have to stick up for our ACC brethren.

The 2009 Georgia Tech team deserved that title and the NCAA wants to strip them of that because of $312? That’s absurd. Mr. Bedford is correct - some punishment was warranted, but not loss of a championship.

I move that from this moment on, the NCAA be referred to as “Barney Fife.” All in favor, reblog/reply “Aye.”

Is it September yet?

The totals for the weekend include two individual NCAA Champions, with Alexander Ziegler and Dorotea Habazin sweeping the men’s and women’s hammer throws as the ninth and tenth NCAA Champions in Virginia Tech history. Twelve Hokies were named All-American, nine first team and three second team, with four finishing in the top three in their respective event.

Congratulations to Alexander and Dorotea on win NCAA titles! And congratulations to the men’s track and field team on its fifth place finish at the NCAA championships! Go Hokies!