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Someone was away from Tumblr this weekend!


me and emily, <3 

go hokies!

Hokie cheerleaders on Tumblr? Any other Virginia Tech athletes on Tumblr? If so, let us know so we can spread the word! If David Wilson, Logan Thomas or Blake DeChristopher has a Tumblr … you don’t even know!

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We have more than 300 followers, most of whom are presumably Hokie fans, so we thought that since we can’t follow other Tumblrs (c’mon Tumblr, let’s get that figured out), we figured the least we could do is thank you personally, a few Tumblrs at a time!

So, here it goes!

Thanks to blu3rsx, good-gollymissmolly, dcvirginia, truestory and skeletonofsteel for following our humble little VT Tumblr. You guy and gals are the reason we do this! So to all our other followers, if you aren’t already, consider giving these fine folks a follow.

And as always, GO HOKIES!

BAM! You guys are the best!

BAM! You guys are the best!

We’ve received some submissions, but when we go to view them, we get nothing. So, we’re not ignoring you - Tumblr is just eating them. Thanks, Tumblr. You can email us at theteam@vthokiefans.com.


Sending positive vibes to my fellow Hokie, Phishhead, and Sox fan, @briancolligan as Irene approaches.

Ditto! Our fellow @gofightwinvt editor, @briancolligan, says he thinks they’ll be fine, but our thoughts are still with him and all those in the path of this hurricane. Be safe!

Help us grow the Tumblr Hokie Nation! Recommend us to Tumblr so that other Hokies can find us and share in the pure awesomeness that is being Hokies on Tumblr!

Let’s make the FYVT Hokie Nation a little bigger today, shall we? Because you Hokies effing rock!