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University of Virginia head football coach Mike London fired four assistant coaches after second 4-8 season in three seasons.

Is that a Wahoo lunchpail, or a Zima cooler?

Attention Hokie Fans: Visit Virginia Design House on Facebook to “like” and “share” this photo. 

Let’s beat UVA at yet one more thing!

In honor of football season we are having a contest. We will upload the two subway signs below (one for Virginia and one for Virginia Tech) the team with the most shares and likes will get a 20% discount off all their collegiate products on sale Sunday night. In honor of “Virginia” Design House we are only doing this for Virginia Tech and Virginia — sorry SEC. Let the contest begin and vote for your favorite team!

I know! That’s what we’ve been saying all along!

Only at UVa, some kid with a creative writing degree calls a structural engineer, qualified to design nuclear power plants, a “dumb redneck”.
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Thanks for being such gracious winners, guys.

Thanks for not having a sense of humor, guys.

Oh, and for losing year after year after year after year. We appreciate that too.

You mean like these UVA students? You remember? The nine UVA students who were arrested and charged with felony destruction of property in Blacksburg? Hey, all we did was put a t-shirt on your statue.

Let’s all join hands and give a yell.

Let’s all join hands and give a yell.


I can watch this 100 times in a row.

No, seriously. It’s a proven fact.

George Welsh is still the head coach, right?

Bill Roth’s greatest call of all time. Simply glorious.