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An Instagram of the War Memorial and Pylons at Virginia Tech from:


I love this place! #virginiatech #warmemorial #summer (at War Memorial Chapel)

How could you not love this place? So many memories…

Ut Prosim 

This is seriously the greatest.


Virginia Tech students help recent graduate confined to a wheelchair hike a local trail

I loved every second of my time at Virginia Tech. There was just a certain energy that I felt the first time I set foot on campus that made me feel welcome. Moments like these occur everyday at this school. When I stayed in Blacksburg, VA over the summer and when I’ve gone to visit Matt, I have seen this kid a couple of times. He always always has a smile on his face and from the looks of it, he surrounds himself with pretty great people too. 

Of the times I’ve seen him on campus, he is always surrounded by what seems like his best friends and they’re always laughing. If I were ever in this situation, I would hope that my friends would do this for me and if I had a friend in this situation, you could bet your ass I wouldn’t let them miss out on any adventure big or small. 

I can’t articulate the happiness I feel when I look at these pictures. It seems like they were all having such a good time. 

I love my alma mater and I love these Hokies!!

This is from last year, but still proud of it! GO HOKIES!


Last week in addition to gratitude posts on Fridays, I decided to highlight an organization that people could donate to. The idea is to “Give thanks for what you have and give what you can to others.”

That said, last week’s organization was: Any Solider, where you can make and send your own…

Click through and read this. As Hokies, our motto is “Ut Prosim - That I May Server.” There are so many worthy causes out there it can be overwhelming sometimes when trying to decide which ones you want to support. This one, is just as worthy as any other - it just depends on what tugs at your heartstrings, I suppose.

As a father who loves his son more than anyone could possibly imagine, I can completely understand this father’s love and dedication to his son, who was brutally beaten and remains in a coma. Unfortunately, I can also imagine the horror he must be going through.


My university’s motto and words I try to live by which is why it’s the title of my blog.

Quick, name all eight pylons at Virginia Tech’s War Memorial! Annnnnd GO!

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