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Jarrel Eddie had a great game tonight scoring 11 points and nabbing 7 rebounds

By this season’s standards, Eddie had an “off” night, but still played really well and it speaks volumes for the team that the bench stepped it up. Great win for the Hokies last night. We’re getting closer and closer to a Bear Fight!

The Go Hokies Kid with members of the Virginia Tech basketball team.

That ain’t good.

Former Virginia Tech basketball player Deron Washington is lighting up the Spanish premiere league with the same dunks that made him an Hokie legend.


So the interesting thing about this photo isn’t so much the free t-shirts that students will receive at tonight’s Virginia Tech v. Virginia game — though that is awesome — but rather commenter Austin, who wants the Hokie Nation to know that “duck rules.”

While we assume he means Duke, he is fortunate that tonight’s event is a basketball game and not a spelling contest. One can only imagine how bad he’d mangle the Tech Victory March.

All together now: H-O-K-I-E-S, HOKIES!

Enjoy the game tonight, Hokies.


Former Virginia Tech standout and All-ACC first-teamer Malcolm Delaney helps Elan Chalon to French Basketball League title


Sure, there’s video … but you know you want to hear it how The Voice says it.

(Credit to The Key Play for posting it on FB. You should follow them if you’re not already.)

  • Niemo: Can you do the recap tonight [for the duke game]? And I definitely need your help Saturday if you can do the recap [for the clemson game].
  • Cope-a-cabana: Recap is already done. All I need is the final score. Same for Saturday.