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So proud of my girls :)

Definitely not familiar with those Virginia Tech cheerleading uniforms. But, hey, go Hokies!

There are trust falls and then there are trust falls.

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me and emily, <3 

go hokies!

Hokie cheerleaders on Tumblr? Any other Virginia Tech athletes on Tumblr? If so, let us know so we can spread the word! If David Wilson, Logan Thomas or Blake DeChristopher has a Tumblr … you don’t even know!

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So, what did you think of Virginia Tech’s new cheerleading uniforms? I know one fan who is all for them!

Laura Vikmanis is the NFL’s older cheerleader at age 42. Yahoo! Sports reported that a movie will be made about her life. According to the article, her ex-husband left her for a younger woman. What?

I have no idea what kind of person Ms. Vikmanis is, but as far as looks go, what guy wouldn’t want his wife - at any age - to look like this? All I can say is, “Good for you, Ms. Vikmanis!” Go get yours!

(There is no real tie-in to Virginia Tech other than former Hokie Shayne Graham used to kick for the Bengals.)

The NFL's oldest cheerleader, Laura Vikmanis

It would figure that of all the Tech cheerleaders, I would be crushin’ on the coach’s daughter. At least I think that’s her. Naturally.

Oh hai.

Auburn may have won the football game, but Oregon won for the hottest cheerleaders. Hands down.

The best part of Virginia Tech’s game against JMU. She’s back!

Met two guys at a sports bar last night, one who also went to Virginia Tech and one who attended Tennessee. While I was telling a story about the 2005 N.C. State game, I mentioned meeting the cheerleading squad and their head coach.

The Virginia Tech guys asks, “Rickey Hill?” (That’s the name of…