Some of the Biggest College Football Scandals Ever Recorded

College football, like any sport, is no stranger to scandals. Although you might think that there is less money involved here, college football is equally lucrative as any sport, but at a lower level. Where there is money and fame to be gained there is always a possibility of a scandal to ensue.

Today we break down the biggest scandals that shook up the college football world and at the same time, you can check out the review of the nj bonus code.

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Notre Dame Hire George O’Leary

In 2001, Notre Dame hired George O’Leary as their new head coach. However, he did not get to coach any of the games as he was let go just five days after being hired.

When applying for the position, George claimed that he lettered at the University of New Hampshire and that he earned a Master’s Degree at NYU. Both claims were not true and Notre Dame immediately decided to fire O’Leary for falsifying his resume.

Cam Newton’s Dad Accepted Bit Money

Cam Newton is a legitimate star in the NFL today. But during his college days, his father was tied to receiving money from Mississippi State in order to allow Cam to play for them. Allegations stood that Cecil Newton received an amount close to $180,000 for reserving his son’s signature.

Cam was deemed ineligible to play twice due to the scandal. However, he was eventually cleared and went off to have a brilliant career in the NFL. Luckily, it was determined that Cam didn’t have anything to do with it nor was he aware of the situation.

The FSU Scandal

There have been a number of teams that were accused of fixing scores in college football. But none was as big as the one where Florida State University was involved in 2007. The investigation showed that a total of 61 student-athletes were involved in game-fixing on the pitch, which is a rarity.

Everything resulted in 23 players being suspended for the Bowl Season. Also, 12 wins were overturned and the FSU team was put on a four-year probation. Coach Bowden was forced to retire as a result of the scandal.

The Death Penalty

The very reason why laws for paying student-athletes is so strict today is due to the actions that took place in 1987. Namely, the MSU Mustangs were found out that they were paying their players. In fact, they had been doing so for years. The biggest no-no was players receiving kickbacks. 

The NCAA issued a Death Penalty which would affect repeat offenders. SMU was stripped of their 1987 record and was even forced to forfeit their 1988 season altogether.

Guns & Cocaine

When a former Sooners player, Brian Bosworth, wrote a book about guns and cocaine being used in the locker room, then coach Barry Switzer denied this story and told the media that it was blown out of proportion. But in 1989 five Sooners’ players were arrested for felonies that involved shooting, use of cocaine, and rape. In 2014, Switzer admitted that he covered certain things that players used to do.

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