2019 ACC-Big 10 Challenge without Virginia Tech

If you are looking for a bit of shocking news (and we’re not talking about the sudden popularity of some new E-sport that’s been taking over the nation) the Hokies will not be appearing in the 2019 ACC-Big 10 Challenge. This has not happened since 2013. Why are our beloved Hokies going to miss this one out and are they the only ones? We also take a look at some of the favorites to win the challenge this year. Bear in mind that our predictions are just predictions and that they should not be taken as a guarantee to place bets on the teams we deem as favorites. Those who are in search for some offers of “risk-free bets” can check this one out, but please always think through and bet responsibly.

What is the ACC-Big 10 Challenge?

The ACC-Big 10 Challenge is a basketball series for the NCAA. It is a sort of clash between the ACC and the B1G, or the Atlantic Coast Conference and the Big 10 Conference. Besides these organizations, ESPN has been a major factor in creating this series. The format predicts 14 games and if there is a tie, the winner from the last championship retains the Commissioner’s Cup. The ACC-Big 10 Challenge was established in 1999 and has inspired other series merging in similar competitions.

What Is the Situation this Year?

The ACC teams have a clear advantage in numbers, as there will be 15 of them versus the 14 of the Big Ten that would normally qualify, but the fact that there is one ACC team extra made Virginia Tech the one to drop out. The noble thing about the team is that they volunteered to skip this tournament.

The reasons listed by the spokesperson of the team included problems with being invited to Maui Invitational. There is simply no way for the team to finish the tournament, which will be held from November 25-27, and be ready on December 2, given the traveling time and rest. The last time Virginia Tech didn’t participate in the Challenge was in 2013 when the team struggled to get away from the last place in the season. Similarly to then, ACC had more teams than B1G.


The first matches will occur on December 2nd, 2019, with the Clemson Tigers taking on the Minnesota Golden Gophers. On the same day, the Miami Hurricanes will battle against the Illinois Fighting Illini. The big treat, however, comes the following day, when the Duke Blue Devils will play against the Michigan State Spartans. It is worth pointing out that the Devils are, by far, currently the most successful NCAA team with staggering 18 wins trumping everyone else in both Conferences.

The strongest team B1G has to offer is the Purdue Boilermakers with 10 wins and 8 losses, though the Nebraska Cornhuskers have a higher winning percentage with 5 wins and 3 losses. We expect great things from this year’s ACC-Big 10 Challenge and the teams seem ready, willing, and able to put up quite a show.

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