Hokies Lay Waste to Wake Forest Demon Deacons

Awesome offensive and defensive plays, meticulous coordination, and unbreakable team spirit are what great football game is all about – not to mention that a bet on the Super Bowl can also raise the stakes! Hokies know this and once again they are able to deliver spectacular performance on the field. Fans roared passionately as they always do, as VT Hokies decimated Wake Forest Demon Deacons on Lane Stadium. Here we will review the game event that took place on November 9, 2019, and talk about what we can expect from Hokies in the future match-ups.

Game Start

Before the match began Hokies honored Bud Foster, a revered defensive coordinator, who played an important role in the overall success of the team. After an honorary celebration, a coin was tossed, and as Wake Forest won the toss they opted to defer to the second half. Hokies had an amazing opening, probably the best one out the entire season, which probably shook the opposing team to the core. The defense was strong as always so Demon Deacons could not hold the ball for long and there were a lot of 3-and-outs. As WF could not reach the end zone they had to settle for a field goal resulting in 3-0 early advantage.

Second Quarter 

During the second quarter, WF put up a better fight so it was not a great follow up to a positive start. Hokies found their way to Deacons’ red zone but were unable to score so they settled for a field goal to retake the lead. The offensive plays with Jamie Newman at the helm displayed truly aggressive plays and marched 75 yards, until Sage Surratt grabbed 11-yard Touch Down which put Deacons in the lead for the first time. The second quarter ended with 10-6 in favor of WF, and Hokies needed to figure out how to recuperate in the quarters to come.    

Third Quarter

With a strong defense, Hokies managed to keep Deacons at bay and after amazing two-yard run scores of Deshawn, VT was in control once again. Decons were determined to swing the game in their favor once again but Tre Turner found the gap in their defenses and with an incredible sweep managed a 57-yard run. Deshawn once again reached the end zone and solidified the lead for VT. The third quarter ended with 23-17 in favor of the Hokies. 

Fourth Quarter 

Entering the final quarter with the lead Hokies were fired up and their offensive plays were brutal. There was a standing ovation for Damon Hazelton 19-yard catch which put VT on the one-yard line which led to a score by Mitchell and brought the result to 29-17.  The defense once again holds its ground and Deacons only manage to get to a fourth down. Hokies than took control of the game once again on Deacon’s seven-yard line. With another Touch Down the victory was forever out of reach for WF and the final result was 36-17. 

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