Virginia Tech Hokies Female Teams

Universities are a big deal in the United States. College sports were a reason why the PASPA Act was even ratified in the first place. Ever since it was declared unconstitutional in 2018, sports betting became legal in plenty of states in the US. Punters now visit various sites, searching for the best sportsbook online, stumbling upon great ones like RedsonBet along the way. Universities have their own sports teams, plenty of them, in fact. Virginia Tech is one of those universities and their team is known as the Hokies, or rather, their teams. They participate in multiple sports like American football, football, baseball, cross country, golf, swimming, diving, tennis, track and field, wrestling, lacrosse, and volleyball. Of those sports, women’s teams participate in 12 sports. Like every other team, the Hokies women’s teams are great. Since there are 12 of them, let us look at some of the more popular ones.

Virginia Tech Hokies Basketball Team

The women’s basketball team was around since 1976 and had participated in multiple events since then. They play in the Division I of the Atlantic Conference. That is the highest level of collegiate play in the US. they have had various NCAA Tournament appearances, but have yet to win a tournament. They did have some great performances over the last four decades. Their record is 622-546. While not the most brilliant of records, they are still holding their own against the toughest of competition.

Virginia Tech Hokies Football (Soccer) Team

The soccer team was established in 1980 and has had a more successful time compared to the basketball team. Not every team is equal and some have had either better luck, better players and coaching staff, or had simply had more women interested in sports at hand. Football, or soccer, is one of those sports which attracts both athletes and fans. The football team had plenty of appearances at the NCAA tournaments, their most successful one being in 2013, when they reached the semi-finals. While they had not won a tournament, they have had a very successful run and are always looking at the next tournament, the next matches, ready to improve.

Women’s Trophies

Out of all the women’s teams, individual athletes found the most success. Namely, Queen Harrison took home 3 medals in 2010, for 60, 100 and 400 meters with hurdles. Dorotea Habazin won a medal for the hammer throw in 2011 while Irena Sadiva won two medals, one in 2015, another in 2017 in the javelin throw category.

These are some of the Virginia Tech Hokies Women’s teams and athletes that you should know of. The Hokies have a great history of sports and competition, hopefully with more victories soon to follow.

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